How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene?
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How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene?. How to Cancel Audible Subscription on App Before, no one lingered for loans until Marvel started throwing breadcrumbs for their sequels, and then almost every other Hollywood studio followed suit. It always remains a mystery if he's in the movie if it's not Marvel. You can either wait for the credits to start, or you can simply use the app to see if it's worth holding a piss in front of the credits scene. Let's start. How to Cancel Audible Subscription on App While you can always find information about the post-credits scene with a simple Google search, it's a good idea to have a dedicated app if you enjoy watching movies for a few days after release.

How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene?

1. Should I wait?

Should I Wait is a great community poll app that tells you if a movie has a post-credits scene. You get a movie review, cast, rating and release date as an overall movie review. Along with this, the application allows you to find films and vote for them, as well as whether they contain scenes during and after the credits. To check if the movie has a post-credits scene, install the app on your phone from the Play Store and launch the app. The app lists the latest releases at the top and you will most likely find the movie on the first page. However, you can always use the search bar at the top to find any specific movie. Related: Best Apps for Movie Recommendations How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? Tap any movie tile and a page will open where you can watch the movie trailer, check the release date, and more with two poll charts. It shows a diagram for the scenes present during and after the credits. You can even vote and make the poll more consistent. Just click the vote button in the bottom right corner and click yes or no both during and after the credit scenes. To prevent spam voting, you can only vote once, the app does not increment the counter even if you try again. Must Read: How to enlarge photos of strangers following you on Instagram? How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? Should I Wait is a decent app where the user can take part in creating polls, which is awesome in my opinion. However, this can be bad, as the dislike for mobs seems to be a phenomenon now. "Should I Wait" is free for Android and available in the Play Store. How to Make a Poll on YouTube Channel

2. Media Stinger

MediaStinger is another popular movie viewing app that shows you post-credits scene information. This app is one step ahead of "Should I Wait" as it gives you information about movies, games, news, reviews and trailers. You get basic information about the movie, such as user ratings, release date, and more. It offers more than just “yes” or “no” survey results, you also get a short description of the final loan screen. Don't worry, you won't accidentally stumble upon a spoiler, as the credit scene description is hidden under the show more tag, and if you really want to read the scene you'll have to hit the + button to learn more about the scene. How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? Election Hacking 101: Is It Safe to Vote Electronically? At the end of the page it says whether you should stay on stage after the credits or not. This movie poll is user-recommended and gives you a clear idea of ​​what credits deserve to stay. You can also take part in surveys and give your opinion by clicking the “yes” or “no” button below. How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? MediaStinger is a free app available for both the Play Store and App Store. Install MediaStinger (Android | iOS) Use Secret Silver Subscription Plan to Save Money on Audible

3. After the credits

So we've covered Android and iOS apps, but would it be nice if we had an app to check the post-credits scene right on our Apple Watch? The After Credits app allows you to view a list of end credits movies. The app is available for iOS, and users vote if the movie has a credits scene. Like Should I Wait, it also collects user polls and updates the movie list. You can vote to watch the movie to help other viewers, and even add movie titles to the app if you can't find the movie. How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? The best part about this app is that it's available for Apple Watch too. So you don't even have to take your phone out to quickly check if the current movie has a post-credits scene? How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene? After Credits is available exclusively for iOS for $ 0.99 from the App Store. Install After Credits (iOS, $ 0.99)

Check if the movie contains a post-credits scene

These are three apps you can use to find out if the next movie you watch has a post-credits scene. Should I Wait is the simplest application in which polls are user-based and only show “yes” or “no” results. MediaStinger is a more complete application that gives you much more information and a short description of the title scene. After Credits is the same as Should I Wait but for iOS and you get Apple Watch support, which is awesome. What do you think of these apps and will you use them the next time you go to watch a movie? Let us know in the comments below. Scroll through credits. Volume Too Loud While Playing Videos on PC?

How to Tell If a Movie Has a Post-Credits Scene?

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